Do it for Cambodia


Look deep into Cambodia, and you will
understand everything better.

Our Goals


To illustrate how fantastic we were and still are, we're going to advertise Cambodia to the entire globe.


We plan to photograph every location in Cambodia, including residential areas, commercial areas, and tourism areas.


We're going to put together a strong team to work and sacrifice for Cambodia from one generation to the next.

Thanks to all D.I.C members for their sacrificing and loving Cambodia.

Pich Lokei


What is D.I.C

We’re from Cambodia and reside in Phnom Penh. To promote Cambodia to the world through photography and videography, we came together and formed a team named D.I.C (Do It for Cambodia). We contribute as freely as we can to this project in order to extend it. First, we have a three-year plan to promote Cambodia. All cities and provinces will be photographed so that people can learn more about Cambodia.


You can see more old temples besides just Angkor Wat. But there are numerous others, including ecotourism.